Fopetcons entrega RD$ 35 millones en regalía

Fopetcons delivers RD$35 million in royalties

The Construction Workers Pension Fund (FOPETCONS) delivered a total of RD$35 million to its employees and pensioners in the country, in compliance with the government provision that established the delivery of the full paschal regalia to public servants from this month.

The executive director of FOPETCONS, Faustino de los Santosreported that, by order of the Technical Administration and Control Council, salary number 13 was delivered for the fourth consecutive time to servers and pensioners, taking advantage of the Executive Branch’s order, thanks to the good administration that has been given to the resources that are received through Law 6-86, in the present administration.

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The measure also benefits thousands of construction workers, who work in construction companies and belonging to the country’s union organizations, who will receive social assistance to spend Christmas with their relatives decently.

With the delivery of the complete Easter gift to all the personnel dependent on FOPETCONS and the pensioners, this institution has not only created the precedent of delivering the Christmas bonus to its pensioners and servants for the fourth consecutive year in the month of December, as established the Government, but has become the first decentralized institution of the State to make the delivery, he said.

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