Alimentos que han bajado de precios, según Asociación de Mayoristas

Foods that have dropped in price, according to the Wholesale Association

The president of the Association of Market Wholesalers, Julián Antonio Parra, He stated that a series of items in the basic basket are registering a decrease in their prices mainly due to the reduction in the cost of maritime transport in recent months.

Parra explained that after a long period in which freight rates were quoted around 20,000 dollars for shipments from China, lately they have fallen to 4 and 5,000 dollars, which is being reflected in the cost of the products. locally.

Among the items that have decreased their prices are beans, garlic, onion and oil, according to the commercial leader.

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Julian Parra

“A pound of beans, which at that time cost 65 pesos a pound, is currently being sold at 45 and 50 pesos a pound, the same thing has happened with onions, which are selling for 40 and 45 pesos for 65 pesos, and from that In the same way, all items, flour, spaghetti, everything that comes from outside is considerably lowering, “he said.

In the case of oil, he said that in the first place it experienced a reduction of 5 percent and that for the Christmas period it is expected that its cost will decrease by another 12 percent.

Julián Antonio Parra stated that this downward trend in basic necessities generates satisfaction and optimism in the commerce sector since they will be able to offer the people products at a lower cost, which in turn brings peace of mind to Dominican families.

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