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Food subsidy created by IPC

With the program called “Eating is first: a business initiative for food”, Antioquian companies and Comfama yesterday presented a food subsidy for inflation.

(The effect of high inflation is already being felt in neighborhood stores).

Each beneficiary family will receive a monthly bonus of $43,200 corresponding to the approximate increase in their food cost (for income levels below 2 current legal minimum wages).

In the first phase, the initial investment will be $2,000 million to cover 8,300 families affiliated with Comfama.

According to the box, this benefit is a commitment of the Antioquia business community to meet the needs of families due to current inflation, which in 2022 has been more than 13% for food.

Added to this program Proantioquia, in alliance with Éxito and Surtimax stores, who, in addition to the logistical facility, allowed an 8% increase in the amount of the subsidy. They also participate Bios and Crystal Groups, ANDI, Haceb, Postobón, Iluma, Il Forno and Wajaca. The program will continue to add partner companies to increase coverage.

“Although the State has deployed some programs to meet this immense challenge, the Compensation Funds and the companies must join together to serve more families; particularly those who are in the lowest income levels, even if they have a formal job,” said David Escobar Arango, director of Comfama.


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