Food imports drop and there is a trade surplus

Food imports drop and there is a trade surplus

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The Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Integration, Benjamín Blanco, reported that the country registered a positive trade balance of 232 million dollars until February, with a considerable reduction in imports of beverages and food.

This fact shows that the substitution of imports applied by the national government has positive advances, said the authority in the television program “Las 7 en el 7”, on Bolivia TV. “As far as apples are concerned, we have decreased in volume by 30% of imports, in value by 26%. We have imported less fish preparations with 80%, we have imported less rice with 19% in terms of value. In addition to importing less malt beer, which was reduced to 21%. This is very good news and shows that the economy in the country is reactivating”, he highlighted.

He mentioned that this reduction in imports also occurred in consumer goods.

The exports that had a significant rebound were the non-traditional ones such as soybeans with a 50% growth in value reaching 248 million dollars in two months, products derived from sunflowers that grew by 22%, in addition to granulated urea that in January and February of this year it reached 25 million dollars.

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