Followers of Jorge Eliecer Gaitán ask Petro to complete the construction of a cultural center that bears his name

Representatives of organizations of victims of the armed conflict, social groups and popular movements commemorated with different cultural events the Day of Remembrance and Solidarity with the Victims, the 75th anniversary of the assassination of political leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán.

This commemoration was established in Law 1448 of 2011 —Victims and Land Restitution Lawwhich seeks to recognize and make visible the effects suffered by the population during the armed conflict.

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These activities took place at the National Exploratoryin the portico of the Gaitán House Museum in Bogotá, which supports the legacy of the caudillo and which is currently in total abandonment by the National University of Colombia, which is in charge.

Carlos Garay, from the commission of fervent Gaitanistas, regretted that several governments have passed and the necessary resources have not been allocated to finish building the Gaitán House Museum in Bogotá, which we will see for several years.

What we are asking President Petro is to finish this workwhich is beneficial to all sectors that indelibly remember Gaitán’s struggle and ideology,” he said.

He remembered that andhe former president of Chile Salvador Allende was visiting the tomb of Gaitán 50 years ago, which he said became a dump.

We highlight and apply gaitanismo, applying the phrase that the people would triumph when I had three things, first organization, second organization and third organization”, he concluded.

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What did President Petro reply?

The President of the Republic Gustavo Petro, referring to the completion of this worksaid that it should end in this government so that the memory of Gaitán does not disappear.

We are seeing how we managed to help in Bogotá, which he also devised a conflict undoubtedly and that from so much was also matched to the existence of Gaitán, this through one of his works that is confused and that must be determined. This government must end just that. Out there they said that we had to bury definitively and forget about ourselves, on the contrary, we have to revive,” said the president.

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