Follow the "shake of kills" in Pdvsa with changes in its board of directors

Follow the “shake of kills” in Pdvsa with changes in its board of directors

The decree was published in the Extraordinary Official Gazette with the appointment of Héctor Andrés Obregón Pérez as Executive Vice President of PDVSA and Luis Enrique Molina Duque as Vice President of Exploration and Production of the state company.

The changes in the board of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) continue after the resignation of Tarek El Aissami as Minister of Oil and the plot of corruption and irregularities with the resources from the sale of crude oil in the international market.

According to Decree No. 4,790 published in the Extraordinary Official Gazette dated March 21, 2023 Héctor Andrés Obregón Pérez was appointed Executive Vice President of PDVSA and Luis Enrique Molina Duque as Vice President of Exploration and Production.

Already on the night of this Tuesday, the 21st, the ruler Nicolás Maduro had announced on his Twitter account the appointment of Pedro Tellechea, current president of PDVSA, as Minister of Petroleum. From now on, he will have to combine both positions with that of the Pequiven presidency, where they have not appointed a substitute.

Economic analysts and non-governmental organizations warned in the past that the positions of supervisor (Ministry of Petroleum) and supervised (PDVSA).

«The Minister of Petroleum cannot also be the president of PDVSA. The fight against corruption begins with better institutions (without a doubt that helps transparency)”, highlighted the economist Luis Oliveros.

While the economist Rafael Quiroz Serrano stressed that the government insists on repeating its “stubborn mistake” of reunifying both positions, which by their definition and functions must be incompatible.

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«It has always been pernicious, by all accounts, the unification of these two charges that due to their characteristics are antipodes, because it is about the supervisor and supervised, the controller and controlled, who defines policies and who executes them; that is to say, who is paid and in turn is given change. And this is totally contrary to the interests of both the company, the government and the country itself,” said Quiroz Serrano.

Till the date, Molina Duque held the position of Executive Vice President of the state company, while the vice presidency of Exploration and Production was in charge of Erick Jacinto Pérez Rodríguez who had been ratified in his position last January when Tellechea joined.

For his part, Héctor Obregón Pérez has served as Vice Ministry of Digital Economy, Banking, Insurance and Securities of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade since January 19, 2023, according to Decree No. 4,768 published in Extraordinary Gazette No. 6,732.

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