Sigue el viernes  caso fraude sorteo Lotería

Follow the Friday Lottery draw fraud case

The Third Court of Instruction of the National District will continue next Friday with the knowledge of the preliminary trial of those accused in Operation 13, in whose file the former administrator of the National Lottery, Luis Maisichell Dicent, appears as the main implicated.

For Friday, the Public Ministry plans to continue with the reading of the accusation to the accused, contained in a 241-page file.

Of those pages, the Public Ministry advanced on Friday with the reading of 76.
Prior to reading the file, Judge Amaurys Martínez rejected several incidents raised by the defense of one of the accused.

At the hearing, the Public Ministry is represented by the head of Pepca, Wilson Camacho, Mirna Ortiz, Yoneiby González, Yudelka Holguin Liz, Jhensy Víctor, Alexis Piña and Miguel Crucey.

The defendants are accused of fraud in the National Lottery draw held on May 1, 2021, whose defrauded amount amounts to more than 500 million pesos.

In addition to Dicent, William Lizandro Rosario Ortiz, Eladio Batista Valerio, Valentina Rosario Cruz, Jonathan Brea, Carlos Berigüete, Felipe Santiago Toribio, Edison Manuel Perdomo Peralta, Miguel Mejía and Rafael Mesa appear as implicated. Fugitive Leónidas Medina Arvelo is also linked to this case.

In May 2021, the country witnessed a millionaire fraud, in the transmission of the National Lottery draw, at first glance this deception went unnoticed and it was not until days later that details of what happened began to stand out.

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