FNG backed $5.9 billion in loans at the end of May

FNG backed $5.9 billion in loans at the end of May

The National Guarantee Fund (FNG) reported that in May it closed with $5.9 billion of guaranteed loans, benefiting 128,233 companies in the country. Bogotá, Antioquia and Valle del Cauca represent 33%, 16% and 9% respectively of the mobilization of guarantees.

(‘We had one of the best first quarters in this century’: Duke).

“In the first five months of the year, we registered $5.9 billion in support for Colombian MSMEs, that is, about 40% of the goal set for 2022. The FNG will continue with its objective of continuing to contribute to the consolidation of the reactivation through its guarantees” stated Raúl Buitrago Arias, President of the National Guarantee Fund.

By region, Bogotá accounts for $1.9 trillion in guarantees, followed by Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Atlántico, Santander and Cundinamarca with $913,000 million; $545 billion; $379 billion; $259,000 million and $220,000 million respectively. The other departments of the country concentrate $1.6 billion.

The wholesale and retail trade sectors, as well as manufacturing industries, construction, transportation and storage, continue to be the ones with the highest participation in the mobilizations, with 43%, 17%, 12% and 6% respectively. The remaining 22% is distributed in other sectors of the economy.


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