Florida: three years in prison for a man for sexual abuse

A man was sentenced to prison after the Florida Justice found that he committed repeated crimes of indecent assault, as well as sexual abuse.

The complaint was filed with the authorities of the Police Station Specialized in Domestic and Gender Violence in 2020. This began an investigation against a 52-year-old man.

The Florida Police Headquarters indicated in a statement about the formalization of the man on March 1. Since then, the person remained in preventive detention while the investigation of the case continued.

In recent days, the Court of the 1st Turn condemned the man as the criminally responsible author of repeated crimes of violent attack on power in real repetition with repeated crimes of sexual abuse.

The sentence that the sexual aggressor must serve corresponds to three years in prison; half of the sentence (18 months) will have to be served in effective prison, while the rest will be served under probation. Likewise, other accessory measures and penalties were established, such as compensation

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