El gobernador de Florida, Ron DeSantis, habla con sus partidarios antes de promulgar la ley que prohíbe el aborto durante 15 semanas el jueves 14 de abril de 2022 en Kissimmee, Florida. Foto: AP.

Florida: law that prohibits abortions after 15 weeks came back into force

A Florida law banning abortions after 15 weeks was back in effect Tuesday after a state court judge ruled the law violated the state Constitution.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Florida, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the law firm Jenner & Block, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of Florida abortion providers Florida, said they plan to file a motion to reinstate the temporary suspension of Florida’s 15-week abortion ban and will continue to work to ban the law permanently.

“The law, which has been in place since July 1, has already had devastating consequences on the health and future of Floridians by forcing them to continue having pregnancies against their will,” the Center for Reproductive Rights said in a statement. Press release.

Governor Rick DeSantis Signs Law Limiting Abortion in Florida

Doctors face unprecedented legal risks after Roe overturns vs. Wade. Justice John Cooper had granted a temporary stay of the abortion ban, saying that the Florida State Constitution provides explicit protections for the right to privacy that do not exist in the United States Constitution, and that the Florida Supreme Court has established that this provides protections for a woman’s right to have an abortion.

Florida’s 15-week ban grants exceptions for abortions if the pregnancy poses a risk to the mother’s life or if the fetus has a fatal anomaly, but not for rape or incest.

Cooper had signed the temporary suspension, which had allowed abortions in the state for up to 24 weeks. The ruling comes as states scramble to create their own abortion laws after the US Supreme Court struck down Roe vs. Wade, a landmark case that had established federal protection for abortion rights.

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