Florencia Saintout opined that the sentence of Cristina Kirchner is a "vendetta" judicial

Florencia Saintout opined that the sentence of Cristina Kirchner is a "vendetta" judicial

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The director of the Cultural Institute of the province of Buenos Aires, Florencia Saintout, opined that the ruling against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner it is “a vendetta” of the judicial “mafia” and called to “organize the pueblada in each neighborhood and each university.”

On Tuesday, the judges of the Federal Oral Court 2 sentenced them to six years in prison and perpetual disqualification from holding public office Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in the framework of the trial for the alleged directing of public works in Santa Cruz.

In this regard, Saintout stated -in dialogue with AM 530 Somos Radio- that “this is a vendetta for everything that was done, for not having been pets, for not having delivered anything.”

After the verdict was published, Cristina Kirchner declared in a live broadcast on her YouTube channel that she was sentenced by a “parallel state, a judicial mafia.”

In line with this, the director of the Buenos Aires Cultural Institute pointed out: “The mafia has a godfather, it is (the CEO of Clarín, Héctor) Magnetto.”

In this sense, he stressed that “it is shocking how they agree to clean one up, to tighten another”, also referring to the content of some chats that transpired last Sunday between Buenos Aires officials, judges and businessmen about a trip to Lago Hidden.

And he considered that “you have to go out and fight, we cannot be spectators.”

“You have to organize the town in each neighborhood, each student center, each university,” stressed Saintout, noting that “we have the capacity for mobilization, now we have to demonstrate organizational capacity, because otherwise what is coming is going to be more and more Dark”.

Along these lines, he stated that “Cristina has enormous confidence in the people, in finding a way out.”

“I still believe that Cristina is the hope because she never deceived us, because she was the one who built with Néstor (Kirchner), the Mothers (of Plaza de Mayo) and other organizations the conditions for decent work, so that she reaches the salary, which is They create universities. We have to accompany it with greater commitment,” said the official.

He also asked to “listen to what is happening in the town of which we are a part.”

And he noted: “The one that has a problem with Cristina’s candidacy is the opposition, which has been talking for a while about the fueros. We know that it is part of a political force that never put candidacies, personal projects or proper names before.”

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