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Flor Pablo warns Aníbal Torres that if “answers do not satisfy” he will be censored

Flor Pablo warns Aníbal Torres that if "answers do not satisfy" he will be censored

the congresswoman (not grouped) spoke after presenting the interpellation motion against the president of the Council of Ministers, , for the declaration of the curfew and the deaths during the protests in the country. In this sense, he indicated that if the initiative is admitted and the Prime Minister’s answers are not satisfied, a censorship will be promoted.

I hope that the interpellation will be given and if the answers of the premier are not satisfied, to be able to proceed with a censorship. It is not only the restriction of freedoms, there are also six deaths of compatriots”, he declared in dialogue with RPP TV.

paul medina He also mentioned that promoting this initiative has taken days, since he has had to approach congressmen from all groups to convince them that they should not let the questionable measures taken by the Executive go by.

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He has to come to explain to us what those very serious reasons are, what those terrible events are, according to the intelligence reports (…) The first thing I have done is request the reports through trades, it has not arrived and I have proceeded to the interpellation action”, he added.

Likewise, the also former Minister of Education said that the debate for the admission of this motion would be debated next week in the plenary session of Congress, since the following week there is a week of parliamentary presentation.

The next plenary session, which is next week, because the following week we are in representation week, we must be discussing this matter. We cannot ignore what has happened because it is something serious“, said.

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Interpellatory statement

In case this interpellation motion is admitted in the plenary session of Congress, the head of the ministerial cabinet, Aníbal Torres, must answer the seven questions posed.

In said interpellatory statement, it is requested explanations to the head of the cabinet about the deaths that occurred in Junín, Huánuco and Ica due to police repression in the face of protests over the strike of carriers. Likewise, details of the people injured and detained during the same demonstrations are requested.

In addition, the Prime Minister must clarify the motivations that the Government had behind the supreme decree that declared a state of emergency and curfew for April 5 for alleged looting and acts of vandalism that were going to take place in Lima and Callao.


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