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Flávio Dino says that the Federal Police showed today that they are not equipped

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Flávio Dino says that the Federal Police showed today that they are not equipped

During lunch with lawyers held this Wednesday (22nd), in São Paulo, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, praised the work of the Federal Police, which launched an operation this morning to dismantle a criminal organization that intended to attacks against public servants and authorities.

“Today, we show how the Federal Police, which is not politically equipped, works. Contrary to what they are saying right now on the internet,” she said.

Among the targets of the criminals were former judge and senator Sérgio Moro and prosecutor Lincoln Gakiya, who has been investigating the activities of the criminal organization Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) for years, reported Flávio Dino.

In the event promoted by the Institute of Lawyers of São Paulo (IASP), the minister denied that Operation Sequaz was triggered for political reasons, since on Tuesday (22) President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva granted an interview in which he said that, when he was imprisoned in Curitiba, he wanted to take revenge on the then judge Sérgio Moro, who commanded Operation Lava Jato and sentenced him to prison.

“They are saying that the operation has to do with politics. But no, it’s the opposite. We show today the orientation of President Lula and the ministries. Do good without looking at who. The Federal Police acted very efficiently, with the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ”, said Flávio Dino.

In an interview given at the same place as the lunch, the minister said that the Federal Police had been investigating the gang for at least 45 days, since the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, warned him that there was a plan to execute Moro. And it was the PF itself who decided to launch the operation this Wednesday.

Also according to the minister, the Federal Police continues to investigate the reasons why criminals targeted Sérgio Moro, but the main hypotheses are extortion through kidnapping, blackmail or even murder.


In the interview, Flávio Dino also commented on a publication by former president Jair Bolsonaro, on Twitter, with insinuations that actions against public authorities could have been orchestrated by the left. “In 2002, Celso Daniel [ex-prefeito de Santo André, assassinado]; in 2018, Jair Bolsonaro [o episódio da facada durante a campanha presidencial] and now Sergio Moro. Everything can’t just be a coincidence. Absolute power at any price has always been the goal of the left,” wrote Bolsonaro.

In response, Flávio Dino condemned the insinuations. “There are irresponsible people who, in order to try to escape their own responsibilities, try, unfortunately, to take the Brazilian political debate to the level of the mud. And we don’t accept that, ”he said. “I want to say that the political action of this wild and crazy far right is repugnant, wanting, at this moment, to disqualify the serious work of the Federal Police, work that saved the life, thank God, of Senator Sérgio Moro”, he added.

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