Fixed services account for 72% of complaints about telecommunications services

Fixed services account for 72% of complaints about telecommunications services

The platform I am a user of Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) registered in 2021 a total of 28,660 consumer disagreements in the contracting and use of telephone, Internet and pay television services, among other products, offered through various technologies ranging from wireless to wired and by via satellite.

Three entities of the Republic concentrated 49.3% of all the disagreements entered: Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Jalisco.

I am a user, a nonconformity registration platform and IFT tool for consumers and providers to find a solution to their problems, reported that 72.7% or 20,805 complaints had to do with fixed services during that year.

In more detail, the fixed Internet services had 9,219 complaints; followed by the combo Internet plus fixed telephony, which added 6,942 complaints. Fixed telephony alone saw 1,706 disagreements, while fixed telephony, Internet and pay television packages added 1,792 disagreements. Pay TV plus fixed telephony had 48 complaints in the year and Pay TV plus Internet reported 1,098 complaints.

Consumers separately registered 5,576 mobile telephony disagreements and 1,316 cases of disagreements related to Internet and cell phone packages.

Between fixed and mobile, wireless or wired services, a total of 17,341 complaints had to do with failures in the provision of the service. Another 3,900 were due to improper balance charges. Some 842 due to changes in plans or service packages. Another 2,115 for contracts and 1,932 for cases of portability, among other reasons that originated the rest of the complaints.

In 2021, Telmex accumulated 10,888 complaints. That company was followed mega cable, with 3,265 complaints. Further back was Izzi Telecom, with 2,904 nonconformities. Then they were Telcel Y AT&Twith 2,705 and 2,213 complaints, respectively. total play had 1,690 complaints and Movistar924. Various other companies registered from one disagreement to 159 complaints in the year.

80% of Telmex’s complaints had to do with service failures and 71% in the case of Megacable. From AT&T, consumers complained in 28% about improper cases of number portability, while Telcel had 28.6% of improper balance charges.


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