Five recommendations to integrate international talent into your company

Five recommendations to integrate international talent into your company

The pandemic allowed us to experiment with new ways of working, collaborating with from all over the world. In this way, the have discovered that the format of provides the opportunity to expand your business. The most competitive companies take advantage of technologies to carry out international contracting and telecommuting.

As a facilitator of this change, the Deel platform that helps companies to legally hire people, anywhere in the world, shares the keys to strengthening teams when they require the incorporation of international talent.

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The best team brings together diverse talent

A professional can be anywhere in the world and we have to know how to incorporate it. Thanks to remote work it is possible to expand the search without limitations. The diversity of gender, cultures, disciplines and languages ​​insert the company in the international competitive world.

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Making good use of technology for a remote corporate culture

For professionals it can be a real challenge to start a new job remotely and not meet your boss and team in person. This is why today there are already technologies that facilitate interaction between remote workers in order to establish links, a key issue to build and strengthen the culture of any organization.

Five recommendations to integrate international talent into your company

Delimit the workspace

Recognize the importance of preparing the workspace, defining the start and end of the work day, as well as reviewing internal processes so that they are more efficient and require ‘less clicks’. All this helps to maintain order and productivity.


New mentality: work by objectives

Instead of proposing office hours, it is better to develop a culture of work by objectives. Define the desired achievements for each professional and they can feel satisfied by fulfilling them. An environment of trust can even be created in which leaders know that they have a team that supports them and resolves demands. This change of mentality allows the strengthening of the structure and the achievement of better results.

(Photo: Pixabay)
(Photo: Pixabay)

Ensuring safe and clear contracting conditions

The hiring of talent at a global level offers companies the opportunity to add professionals with different experiences, training and obtain a greater distribution of the working day, thanks to the different time zones.

Five recommendations to integrate international talent into your company

At the same time, it gives professionals the advantage of working from the location of their choice. It is important to have a service that ensures that the hiring complies with the regulations of the country in which the professional is located, clearly defines the type of task that the professional must perform and the conditions, while offering a secure payment system. , simple and accessible for both parties.

In this way, it is possible to quickly create an international team of collaborators, without limits or borders, which allows organizations to save time, access the best talent, focusing on the growth of the team and the business.


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