Three jailed for murdering homeless man

Five killed during confrontation with military

five members of criminal groups They were killed during two confrontations with military personnel, according to military sources.

One of the procedures took place in the Sucuta sector, Ocumare del Tuy (Miranda), where agents from Detachment 442 of the Bolivarian National Guard had a confrontation with members of the El Julián criminal group.

Four individuals were killed on the site, two of whom were known by the nicknames El Yei and El Bebé.

At the end of the scuffle, the soldiers collected a 12-repeating shotgun, thirteen cartridges (12, 9 and .38 mm), two 9 mm pistols (Taurus PT 92 AFS and Browning), two pistol magazines and a .38 revolver, he says. the report.


And in the El Samán sector, Guacara municipality, Carabobo state, there was a confrontation with unknown subjects, one of whom was killed, nicknamed La Rata, according to the report of the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Cones).

At the scene, a Smith & Wesson revolver, .38 caliber, brand and 22 cartridges were retained, including fifteen 7.62×51 caliber intended for rifles.

The deceased was related to the kidnapping of Krissna Lohemy Mora Saavedra, who was released on February 11.

The procedures were notified to the Public Ministry.

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