Five Cuban baseball players among the best players in the US Major Leagues

Five Cuban baseball players among the best players in the US Major Leagues

Cubans Yordan Álvarez, Néstor Cortés, Randy Arozarena, José Abreu and Luis Robert Jr. are part of the 100 best players in Major League Baseball (MLB) 2023, produced by the sports publication ESPN.

Of these players, only Robert Jr. was part of Team Asere, the Cuban team that finished fourth in the recently concluded World Classic. In it ranking From ESPN, this Cuban who was the winner of the Gold Glove in the 2020 season was ranked 92nd.

The baseball specialist at the MLB portal, Will Leitch, highlighted Robert Jr. as an athlete with “all the tools to establish himself as the best player” for the Chicago White Sox.

Yordan Álvarez was ranked 15th, the best position on the list. The edition emphasizes that this native of Las Tunas has become one of the most dangerous left-handers in all of baseball.

“Álvarez and Aaron James Judge were the only two players in the majors with an OPS – the sum of a player’s percentage of reaching bases, through hits and bases on balls and the total number of bases reached between at-bats–, was over 1,000 last season”. It is expected that next season he will be the leader in hits and walks.

In the six games of the Mexican team, Randy Arozarena had 20 at-bats in which he recorded nine hits and eight runs scored.

Néstor Cortés was ranked 75th. A tendon injury prevented this native of San José de las Lajas (Mayabeque) from representing the team of the United States in the World Classic, but, according to him, “he is already well, I was in rehab all offseason and there is no pain”

Cortés was included by ESPN in his selection, after finishing an outstanding season with the New York Yankees with 24 games won by 3 lost. He with a 2.44 earned run average in 28 starts.

Outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays Randy Arozarena who obtained his naturalization letter as a Mexican last year, is in 84th place. This native of Pinar del Río was one of the most outstanding players in the recently finished World Classic.

In the six games of the Mexican ninth, Arozarena had 20 at-bats in which he recorded nine hits and eight runs scored; likewise, he finished with the best average with the wood among the Aztec players.

José Abreu, who reached an agreement last year to play three years with the Houston Astros, ranks 89 on ESPN. In his trajectory is having been chosen the Most Valuable Player of the 2020 season.

His first nine major league seasons were spent with the White Sox. He was declared a free agent after hitting .304 with 15 home runs, 75 RBIs and an .824 OPS last season.


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