Five arrested for trying to bring drugs into the Portuguesa state

Five arrested for trying to bring drugs into the Portuguesa state

Five individuals who are presumed to be involved in drug trafficking were arrested in Portuguesa for trying to bring ten panelas of presumed marijuana into the state.

The secretary of Citizen Security in the region, Luis Medina, reported that the first arrest was carried out in Boconoíto, on the border with Barinas, when a citizen of Colombian nationality tried to enter Portuguesa on a motorcycle with a cellar loaded with fishing implements. . When doing the review, at the Ezequiel Zamora police station, the officials found the ten packages inside the cellar, with a total weight of five kilos 250 grams.

The destination of the merchandise would be Guanare, the capital of Portuguesa, for which reason a mixed commission was activated between the Criminal Intelligence Service of the State Police and the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (Cicpc) to find the whereabouts of the presumed distributors within the city.

“A controlled delivery was coordinated,” Medina said, specifying that the procedure allowed the apprehension in the Sol de Justicia neighborhood, east of Guanare, four other people, including a woman, who “presumably would be in charge of distributing the drug in Guanare”.

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