Body of girl reported missing found

Five arrested for murdering and burning a woman

Five people were arrested for being involved in the murder of the 65-year-old merchant Deonicia Sánchez Contreras, reported the director of the Cicpc, Douglas Rico.

Through a video, Rico explained that the woman’s body, completely burned, was located last Saturday on the road that leads to San Joaquín de Navay (Táchira). One of the detainees is a 17-year-old teenager, a relative of Dionicia and who is considered the mastermind of the crime, Rico said.

They also captured the material author of the murder, identified as Víctor Manuel Díaz Colmenares, a 50-year-old mechanic, a resident of El Piñal, a town in Tachira where the incident occurred, according to the statement.

The other detainees for this homicide are: Daniel Rondón (63) and Freddy Omar Prada Bustamante (48). “The motive for the event was the theft of money that the victim had,” Rico said in the recording broadcast through his social network Instagram, from where he announced that “new arrests are not ruled out.”

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