Lech Wałęsa

FIU holds an evening with former Polish President Lech Wałęsa

MIAMI, United States. – Former Polish President Lech Wałęsa participated this Tuesday in an evening at the “Steven J Green” Department of International and Public Affairs, at Florida International University (FIU).

Wałęsa, who is visiting Miami, on Monday asked Cubans inside and outside the island to continue the fight against the dictatorship.

During a meeting with the Transition Team of the Cuban Resistance Assembly in Brigade 2506, the former Polish president raised the need to seek new methods of struggle and not those that have failed. He also suggested taking advantage of public events, such as a baseball game, for a demonstration against the regime.

“One of the ways that communism has to win is to start fighting,” added the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

As reported by the local channel Telemundo 51in his exchange with Cuban exiles Wałęsa He said he felt confident in being able to participate “in a great march for victory against communism” on the island.

However, after placing a floral offering at the monument that pays tribute to the political prison in Cuba, in Little Havana, he added: “I am almost 80 years old, hurry up, do everything you can.”

Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, coordinator of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, present at the meeting, recalled that Wałęsa he was an electrician who became president, and “who headed a union, which achieved change in his country through, precisely, the people, the national strike.”

“That’s Leche. Wałęsawho has come to sympathize with the people of Cuba, to stand by our side, with his 80 years, to fight for that change, and to tell Cubans wherever they are that change is possible”, Boronat stressed.

milk Wałęsa, who played a leading role in the fall of communism, was originally a shipyard electrician in the northern port city of Gdansk. However, he became a symbol of the historical changes that ended the Cold War, leading the Solidarity trade union movement that led to a free market economy system in 1989.

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