Fiscal entourage became a private school dotted with abuse

The prosecutor Myriam Rodríguez leads new proceedings in the educational institution of the city of Lambaré, within the framework of the investigation for an alleged sexual abuse against a student.

As he told ABC Cardinal, it is a constitution and not a raid, since they went again to collect some documentation that could be useful in the investigations.

At the moment, the Prosecutor’s Office has two formal complaints of sexual abuse that would have been committed in the same school, he indicated. The first had been released on May 6 and involves a 6-year-old student, while the second was confirmed earlier this week, with a 7-year-old boy as a victim.

The investigators suspect that the authors would be other students of higher courses and do not rule out that the same modus operandi was followed to commit both sexual abuses.

When asked about the stage of the investigation, prosecutor Rodríguez confirmed that they have made several advances and that they will continue with other proceedings. “In these cases, children usually never lie,” she emphasized.

The entrance Fiscal entourage became a private school dotted with abuse was first published in diary TODAY.

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