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First survey of the program ‘Capacítate para el Empleo Colón’ showed some 700 to 900 jobs for colonenses

As of this Monday, May 23, the National Government enabled the National Unemployment Registry of Colón and the “Train yourself for Colón employment” section on the Panama Digital platform, aimed at Colonenses who remain unemployed.

You can register on this platform so that the participating companies can contact those they consider. In addition, they will be able to train, in person for three months, in the work areas that are required in the province.

Krystle Harrouche Clare, National Head of the Public Employment Service of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel), explained that in conjunction with Inadeh, courses will be offered for those who do not have any academic preparation and thus can apply to the vacancies that they will have available. both public and private companies.

He added that last week a survey was carried out in the province of Colón in various projects to find out the need for personnel. “We were able to have a first survey talking about 700 to 900 jobs in different phases in various projects in the province of Colón, this, in what has been community employability,” he said.

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