First patient with monkeypox dies in Cuba

The first case of monkeypox diagnosed in Cuba, an Italian tourist, died last Sunday after remaining in critical condition, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) reported Monday.

The patient “rapidly evolved towards gravity, being in a critical unstable condition since August 18, dying on the afternoon of the 21st”, indicated an informative note from the agency.

According to the note, the autopsy “showed sepsis due to bronchopneumonia to an unspecified germ and multiple organ damage as the cause of death.”

“Through the studies carried out from the beginning to look for possible associated causes that may have conditioned its severity, other pathologies of infectious etiology were ruled out,” added the MINSAP.

WHO declares monkeypox a global health emergency

The ministry pointed out that so far the contacts of the deceased, 50 years old, are “asymptomatic” and remain isolated “as a result of the focus control actions provided for in the approved protocol for the prevention of this disease in the country.” .

The tourist had arrived on the island on August 15, stayed in a rental house and visited several places in western Cuba.

Two days later he presented general symptoms and the following day he went to the health services. Shortly after he was hospitalized.

In July, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this disease, also called monkeypox, a “global health emergency” after more than 16,000 cases were reported in 75 countries.

The disease usually presents with symptoms such as headache and muscle aches, low energy, swollen lymph nodes, and skin rashes.

People with the disease can spread it to others while they have symptoms. The virus is transmitted through body fluids, scabs and objects used by patients.

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