First Lady refused to testify to the Money Laundering Prosecutor

The First Lady arrived this morning at the office of prosecutor Luz Taquire attending to her summons, after the statements provided by the effective collaborator on the master’s thesis of the presidential couple. However, there was an incident when Paredes and his lawyer Jorge Eduardo Díaz Campos appeared before Taquiere.

According to sources of Peru21the lawyer announced that his client would take advantage of her right to remain silent alleging that answering the questions could make her incur in “self-incrimination” that would harm her husband, President Pedro Castillo.

Given this, according to the sources, the prosecutor insisted on formulating the questions because the silence of the witness does not prevent continuing with the diligence. But Díaz refused to let Castillo’s wife listen to the questions.

Taquire drew up a record realizing the refusal. According to informants, the attitude of the president’s spouse would be typified as a crime of refusal to collaborate with the administration of justice, stipulated in article 171 of the Penal Code.

The prosecutor is evaluating referring this fact to a common Prosecutor’s Office to investigate whether it is appropriate to open an investigation investigation Lilia Paredes.

Karelim López declared in March that there would be a “pact” between Castillo and the owner of the César Vallejo University, César Acuña, which would have consisted of managing the thesis that allowed the head of state and his wife to achieve a master’s degree.


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