First Lady inaugurates exercise machines in Parque Omar

The First Lady of the Republic, Yazmín Colón de Cortizo, inaugurated this Wednesday at the Omar Recreational and Cultural Park a set of 20 bio-healthy machines, a variety of exercise equipment designed with the aim of improving health and physical well-being.

These 20 machines are added to the 14 existing ones, with which “we offer alternatives so that more users have the opportunity to exercise. Parque Omar is the lung of the city and for this reason we continue to make improvements to the facilities”, indicated the first lady.

Bicycle, chest press – shoulders – horizontal and legs, treadmill and aerial treadmill; abdominal bench, leg extension -biceps and triceps-, back and hip stretch, leg stretch, hip twist, rowing, inclined bars, surfboard, elliptical, massager, shoulder wheel and tai chi are part of the set biohealthy.

The machines have been placed on a properly cushioned concrete surface; In addition, the area has signs on the rules of use and safety.

The new equipment is for the exclusive use of adults over 18 years of age; Users must take care of each one of the machines, it is forbidden to eat on them, mount several people, stand on seats or abdominal benches, among other rules of use.

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