Firefighters attack seven fires: they work to extinguish a focus on a property in Schneck

Firefighters attack seven fires: they work to extinguish a focus on a property in Schneck

The National Directorate of Firefighters reported on four field fires that you work to mitigate this friday in the Metropolitan area.

One of them occurred in Camino Vidiella corner Camino Manuel Fortet, after 11:00 in the morning. There was a propagation front of 15 meters inside a eucalyptus forest.

That fire was brought under control as firefighters worked to stem the spread to an ammonia factory.

According to the spokesperson, work was done to put out small smoky sources within the affected area, which includes some seven hectares and Now they are working on the extinction of a focus that occurred in a property belonging to the Schneck sausage brand.

Another fire occurred shortly before 12:00 in Camino de la Redención corner Camino los Camalotes. That fire is under control

There is a single focus with an approximate frontage of 20 meters. Detachments from Ciudad del Plata, Las Piedras, Centro-Cordón, the Forestry Brigade from Parque del Plata and a tanker are working in this operation.

For their part, the Ciudad del Plata firefighters work from 4:10 p.m. in a spreading firein reedbeds and pastures, with a front of approximately 800 meters, with risk of spreading to homes.

Another incident occurred when the San José Fire Department and a Forest Brigade from Las Brujas attended the Route No. 3 Km 127to act before a fire spreading in grasses and vegetation at ground level.

On the other hand, a spreading fire develops inside a wild forest where the Pando firefighters are working. This occurs on Route No. 8 Km 44.

Shortly before 5:30 p.m., a spreading fire broke out in pastures and chircas, with a front of approximately 60 meters, in On the way to the Cemetery, Parque del Plata.

For their part, the Maroñas firefighters have been working since 5:30 p.m. on a fire in organic waste, from the Municipality of Montevideo, in Camino Toledo Chico corner Camino al Paso del Andaluz.

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