Firefighters and forest fighters are trained in Cusco (PHOTOS)

Firefighters and forest fighters are trained in Cusco (PHOTOS)

Within the framework of the celebrations for the 104th anniversary of the political creation of the city of Quillabamba in La Convención, the Regional Government of Cusco through the Regional Management of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, officially launched the new project in this city: ‘ Improvement of Forest Fire Prevention and Control Services for the Conservation of Natural Ecosystems in Seven Provinces of the Department of Cusco, for which firefighters and forest fighters are trained and instructed.

In a first stage, the scope of intervention in this province will be 14 districts: Echarati, Huayopata, Kimbiri, Maranura, Ocobamba, Pichari, Quellouno, Santa Ana, Megantoni, Inkawasi, Santa Teresa, Vilcabamba, Villa Kintiarina and Villa Virgen.

The mayor of Quillabamba, Hernán de la Torre, highlighted the implementation of the four fire companies in this province (rapid intervention vehicles for Cia (s) Quillabamba, Echarati, Pichari and Kimbiri)instructors for training and awareness on issues of forest fire prevention, in addition to the training of forest brigade members.

“Definitely, this will strengthen the activities that will prepare us for the effects in a context of climate changein evidence of the excessive increase in forest fires due to the effects of global warming on the planet”, he pointed.

Firefighters and forest fighters are trained in Cusco (PHOTOS)

The presence of officials and instructors from the regional project was used to develop the CBF Forest Firefighter Training Course, aimed at the Civil Defense platform of the provincial capital, Quillabamba, an activity that took place over three days, theoretically and field practice with real fire simulation, in which 30 participants were able to graduate as forest fighters that were made up of risk and serenage personnel from this commune, also members of the PNP and members of the UBO 57 Fire Company of Quillabamba.

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