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Firefighter who worked in Brumadinho is murdered by drug dealers in Rio

A Fire Department officer decorated for his role in the Brumadinho tragedy was killed by drug dealers this Wednesday afternoon (16), in São João de Meriti, in Baixada Fluminense, where he lived. Major Wagner Luiz Melo Bonin, 42 years old, was kidnapped and his body charred by the criminals. Firefighter who worked in Brumadinho is murdered by drug dealers in Rio

Investigations by the Civil Police point out that the soldier would be inside his car, photographing barricades set up by bandits and was discovered by drug traffickers who operate in the region. Bonin was assigned to the Air Operations Group (GOA). The soldier was also trained in nursing and transported, in the corporation’s helicopters, organs for people who were in the transplant queues.

According to the Military Police, around 7 pm on Wednesday, police officers from the corporation were informed that a car with the same characteristics as the vehicle used by the military would be in the region of Parque Columbia, in Pavuna, in the north zone of Rio. Police officers from the 41st BPM (Irajá) went to Rua Ibirubá, where they located a charred body in the back seat of the car.

Information received by the police indicates that the officer’s wife got in touch with the commander of the group where he was stationed after being surprised by her husband’s delay in returning home. She was able to view photos taken by Bonin through remote access messages sent to a number not registered in the corporation’s contacts. The images show people and a drug trafficking barricade in an unidentified location.

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In a statement, the Military Fire Brigade of the State of Rio de Janeiro expressed its regret at the death of Major Bonin: “The corporation expresses its solidarity and wishes the most sincere condolences to relatives and friends of the soldier, who since 2002 was part of the ranks of the corporation”.

“Our eternal salute to this eternal hero for all the work done on behalf of society, in fulfilling the oath, honoring the mission of Saving Other People’s Lives and Wealth. Major Wagner Bonin will never be forgotten. The entire troop is in mourning”.

The note also says that the corporation trusts the Military Police and the Civil Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro to clarify the circumstances of the crime and arrest those responsible.

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