Fire leaves in ashes property of three families from Caracas

Fire leaves in ashes property of three families from Caracas

Three families from Diriamba, Carazo, lost everything, after an aggressive fire that apparently started from a spark from burning garbage in one of the houses. The families that now live under uncertainty due to their lost assets live on Fifth Street in the San Francisco neighborhood.

The incident occurred at noon this Monday, when the owner of one of the houses set out to clean the patio of her house, burning the garbage, which, as a result of the strong winds, could have caused the tragedy.

Alba Luz Gutiérrez Castillo, in the midst of sobs and nerves, explained for this report that she ran out of the house together with her three minors, who were close to perishing in the flames.

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«I was cleaning the patio, I burned the garbage and I went outside for a while. When I want to go into my house, I see a lot of smoke coming from me, so what I did was grab the children and run away, apparently the wind raised sparks and they reached the light wires, when I saw that everything was on fire, and it went to the other two houses of my neighbors, “said Gutiérrez in tears.

They ask for help for the three families who lost everything due to the accident. Photo: VEL

“There was nothing left”

Another of those affected is Katherine del Carmen Ramos Gonzales, who at the time of the tragedy was not in her home as she works as a home helper.

«Thank God we weren’t at home, there was no one, I was working, but when I came the world came crashing down on me seeing all my effort and sacrifice of many years reduced to embers. It is that nothing was left, I do not know what I am going to do now because I do not have the resources to return to stop my house, “said Ramos, visibly affected.

Fire leaves in ashes property of three families from Caracas
Neighbors tried to put out the flames that spread to three houses, but it was not impossible, since the power line prevented them. Photo: VEL

Bismarck Ramos Hernández is the third affected in this tragedy. The man was not in the house during the fire either, he was at his place of work.

Municipal authorities of this town arrived at the scene, as well as three rescue tankers from Nicaraguan Unified Firefighters, a unit of the Nicaraguan Red Cross and the Police, who are thoroughly investigating the details of the incident.

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