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Fire in Veraguas affected several warehouses and commercial offices

A raging fire that started in the Hanna warehouse, in the city of Santiago, Veraguas province, affected several nearby offices and businesses on the afternoon of this Thursday, November 24.

According to Colonel Eduardo Chen Rosas, head of the Meritorious Fire Department in the province of Veraguas, they answered the call in La Placita de Santiago where the most affected premises were the Hanna Calzados Stores and the CACSA Cooperative Offices.

During the extinction of the fire, the fire chief said that it was difficult to pay for it, however they managed to enter through the back of the premises where the fire was minor. They assured that there were no injuries.
Colonel Eduardo Chen Rosas

He added that due to the magnitude, they requested help from the Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewers (IDAAN) to supply them with greater water pressure, in addition, support was requested from the Firefighters of the Azuero Region (Herrera-Los Santos), SonĂ¡ and La Mesa . The National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) also provided support with paramedics and ambulances.
Roque Pimentel, Regional Director of Sinaproc

He pointed out that as a prevention the electrical service was disconnected.

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