Incendio en edificio del Canal del Sol deja dos personas muertas

Fire in Canal del Sol building leaves two people dead

Two people died and four were injured in a fire that affected part of the Canal del Sol building, in La Yuca, in the Naco expansion, in the National District.

The deceased are Jeffrey Isaac Vasquez Holguin23 years old, master control of the channel and Mr. Jose del Carmen Reyesa 77-year-old blacksmith, who were taken to the general hospital of the Armed Forces, in search of care.

Two of the injured had burns, one in 77% of the body and another in 50%; were intubated with smoke inhalation injuries and had a 1% and 15% of the burned body surface, reported yesterday afternoon Dr. Eddy Bruno, from the Burn Unit of the Ney Arias Lora hospital.

Last night units of the Fire Department carried out inspection work in the building to determine the causes of the incident that began at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Can read: Statement from Canal del Sol about the fire that affects its facilities

Others injured

Between the wounded Danny Concepción (nephew of Don José), Santo Silverio Santos, Ángel Miguel Giraldo, Germán Rodríguez Durán and Kelvin Bryan Castillo stand out, the latter in mechanical ventilation due to the degree of burns.

The inaccuracies between the data held by the Fire Department of the National District and the hospitals are due to the fact that some wounded They were transferred by different means.

The Fire Chief of the National District, Jose Luis Frometa Herasmesaid that as part of the investigation of the incident, a comparison will be made of the personnel who were in the building at the time of the firewho were uninjured wounded and which ones died.

Sun Channel

The Sun Channel It is located at Cub Scouts Street, #19, Naco expansion of the National District. It is administered by Álvaro De Camps, son of the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán.

The communication medium was undergoing a restructuring process at a technical and programming level, for its relaunch.

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