“Fined” was the woman who humiliated a police officer at the El Dorado airport

"Fined" was the woman who humiliated a police officer at the El Dorado airport
“She was fined”: The words came out face to face with the woman who insulted the police uniform at the El Dorado airport.

The woman who went viral due to a scene at the El Dorado airport after insulting a police officer with the premise that “my husband is a military man”, also received a sanction because “he did not respect the airport boarding protocols.”

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The ‘tatequieto’ came to Magda Isabel Fernández through a fine, after starring in recent days in an act described as outrageous at the El Dorado airport, where she humiliated a police officer who caught her attention, in the midst of a contingency that there was in the shipment.


It should be noted that the event was recorded on video and viralized by different social networks where the woman’s words remained in the minds of thousands of Colombians.

«Out of respect for my husband who is a military man (…) Are you a policeman? I mean, you’re nothing, my husband is a colonel,” the woman yelled at the uniformed man.

The port police confirmed that the woman received notification with the imposition of subpoenas for failing to comply with two articles of the National Code of Citizen Security and Coexistence.

The subpoenas are due to disrespect for authority and for contravening airport regulations.

Magda Isabel Fernández, arrived from a flight from San Andrés in the company of another person.

According to the institution, Fernández disrespected authority and disobeyed the order of the commander and his crew to get off the aircraft.

Additionally, the uniformed officers filed a criminal complaint for the crime of “violence against a public servant established in Law 599 of 2000, Penal Code; before the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

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