Fine of G. 98,000 for not voting will be applied in these elections

Fine of G. 98,000 for not voting will be applied in these elections

Edmundo Rolón, announced by Efraín Alegre as Minister of Defense, if he wins the elections, criticized the sexual preference of the United States ambassador, Marc Osfield and that the diplomat lives with his husband in Paraguay.

An ambassador with her husband, nothing less than from the United States. It is a message, a spearhead, which intends to come to transform us culturally, subdue our traditions, customs and our same majority religion, the Catholic, and take away what they could not destroy the allies against Paraguay in 1870, which is our culture”, Edmundo Rolón wrote on his Twitter account.

The publication dates from February 2022, the date on which Osfield’s arrival was announced to replace the previous diplomat.

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Many Internet users who are opponents of the Concertación and other defenders of the rights called LGTB, they began to refloat the tweet in question, upon learning that Rolón is a candidate for minister.

Rolón is today the one chosen by Efraín Alegre, in case of winning the elections, to be in charge of the Ministry of Defense, one of the state portfolios with the largest number of strategic agreements with the United States.

Marc Osfield is the one sent by the Government of Joe Biden to fulfill a diplomatic mission in our country.

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