Find out about other important news of this #7Jul

Find out about other important news of this #7Jul

Find out about other important news that you cannot stop reading and that mark the day this Thursday, July 7, 2022

Democrats call for tough regulations against gun violence in the US

Members of the United States government party called for severe regulatory measures to be taken against armed violence in that country, after the latest shooting on July 4 by a 21-year-old in the community of Highland Park, near Chicago.

Democrats have expressed frustration at violent acts involving armed civilians such as the mass shooting that left seven dead in Illinois, which politicians say is a major sign of the need for tougher measures.

Given the events of Monday, Democratic legislators demanded from their Republican colleagues better control of weapons with a ban on semi-automatic models or an increase in the age to acquire them.

Covid cases in the world increased 30%

Global covid-19 cases increased by 30% in just two weeks and in Europe, in particular, the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of omicron are responsible for this new wave of infections, the World Organization said today. of Health (WHO).

In India, where COVID-19 infection has caused more than half a million confirmed deaths, a new subvariant, called BA.2.75, has been detected and is being closely followed by experts.

However, everything indicates that the death rate “was decoupled” from the number of cases, which, although it has skyrocketed, has not caused a significant increase in hospitalizations in intensive care or deaths.

The director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that this situation clearly highlights problems that the organization has been warning about for months, such as the sharp drop in diagnostic tests in many countries.

Another problem that is more noticeable is that the treatments that are on the market are not being administered soon enough to prevent serious cases and deaths.

This is being noticed especially in poor countries, “where the new treatments, especially the new oral antivirals, are not reaching,” Tedros said.

Hopes for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand are pinned on Deyna Castellanos

The captain of the Venezuelan women’s team, Deyna Castellanos, resumes, after an injury, the rhythm of the game to lead the national team in the IX Copa AmΓ©rica, which will be played in Colombia, with the aim of achieving a place in the World Cup that will be held next year in Australia and New Zealand.

In mid-June, Castellanos, 23 years old and now a Manchester City player, suffered a tenosynovitis of the right peroneal muscles that prevented him from participating in two friendly matches against Chile, in which the Venezuelans emerged victorious.

However, she made a quick recovery and, now reincorporated into the national squad, will seek to resume the rhythm of the rest of her teammates to be able to face Uruguay on July 9 at the Centennial Stadium in Armenia in the Cup debut.

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