Find out about other important news of this #10May

Find out about other important news of this #10May

Find out about other important news that you cannot stop reading and that mark the day of this Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Caritas estimates that 22% of children in rural areas are at risk of acute malnutrition

The director of the non-governmental organization, Cáritas, Janeth Márquez, assured that 22% of children living in popular areas are at “risk of falling into acute malnutrition.”

“We have 22% of the children who are in our most needy neighborhoods, more vulnerable because they are in a 22% risk of falling into acute malnutrition, which if we do not give them comprehensive care, they could be, but we also have 10% of children who are in that acute malnutrition where with anything they can enter a serious situation, “he warned.

This problem can increase during the onset of rains, “normally when the rains come, diarrhea comes, problems come, what are the diseases and all these children could somehow collapse the health system.”

Death toll rises in explosion in Havana

The explosion at the Saratoga hotel in Havana has caused at least 34 deaths, after the remains of four other people were found in the rubble in the last few hours, official media on the island reported Monday.

The lifeless bodies recently recovered from the ruins of the Saratoga – which, according to the government, exploded after a gas leak – belong to workers at the hotel facility, according to Javier Martínez Díaz, a member of the Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba ( PCC, only legal) in the province of Havana, cited by the official website Cubadebate.

According to relatives of the disappeared, it is estimated that between 12 and 13 people are still imprisoned under the rubble, a figure that may be specified as the excavation progresses, the official explained.

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