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Final short list to choose manager of the Federation of Coffee Growers

Final short list to choose manager of the Federation of Coffee Growers

The National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers (FNC) informed that the final shortlist from which your new General manager.

The three finalists are Germán Alberto Bahamón Jaramillo, Sandra Morelli Rico and Santiago Pardo Salguero, who were chosen by the National Committee of Coffee Growers “after extensive debate”.

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The Ministers of Finance, Agriculture and Commerce participated in the debate.

Now, Bahamón Jaramillo, Morelli Rico and Pardo Salguero will have to visit the 15 departmental committees and present their proposals, in accordance with the rules established by the FNC.

These activities will be carried out between March 27 and April 14, according to the schedule.

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On April 27, the shortlist will be presented to the National Congress of Coffee Growers (extraordinary), that as the highest authority and instance of union deliberation will elect the new general manager, in succession of Roberto Vélez Vallejo, who leaves important management achievements“.

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The FNC reported that, to facilitate dialogue and feedback between the three finalist candidates and Colombian coffee growers, “will make available, under equal conditions, all its national communication channels“.


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