Figures of the Colorado Party (PC) show solidarity with Ache

Figures of the Colorado Party (PC) show solidarity with Ache

This is the case of former prosecutor Gustavo Zubía and PC deputy who posted on twitter: “I regret the resignation of Carolina Ache from her position as vice chancellor. According to my information, the subjective evaluations of the detained person did not have an influence on the adherence to the current regulations that Ache applied. The way this is faced is critical: this is how the FA wins ”he concluded.

For his part, the former Secretary General of the Colorado Party limited himself to a few words of support: “A big hug to Carolina Ache and all my solidarity,” he wrote on his twitter account.

The General Secretary of the PC and two-time President of the Republic, Julio María Sanguinetti declared that “Carolina Ache has had our support because we believe that she acted correctly in all this famous episode of the passport, which was granted under legal conditions. Carolina has not had any active participation at any time during the process, it is a whole subject of political debates, “said Sanguinetti and added:” Due to political sensitivity, she has advanced her resignation.

On the other hand, the Deputy Secretary for Political Affairs of the Departmental Executive Committee of the Colorado Party (CED) Juan Martín Jorge published on his twitter account: “Carolina Ache has the guts of few to resign from her position, with her head held high and defending values . Dignity above all.”

Meanwhile, the main leaders of the Ache sector limited themselves to republishing the tweet of their coordinator, the Minister of the Environment Adrián Peña who published: “The Ciudadanos sector has proposed to the President the name of Nicolás Albertoni as Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Republic” wrote and added: “We thank Dr. Carolina Ache for the services rendered to the Government.”

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