Fights between police and criminals took place in Petare and San Agustín

Two subjects were killed during a saturation operation carried out this Thursday by agents attached to the Polisucre Motorized Brigade in the José Félix Rivas neighborhood, Petare, according to reports from the citizen security agency.

During the procedure, the uniformed officers confronted alleged members of the criminal organization founded by Wilexis Acevedo Monasterios (El Wilexis), two of whose associates were killed in El Guásimo alley, zone 6 of the José Félix Rivas neighborhood, a source specified.

Between April 22 and 25, there were seven murders in Petare due to clashes between rival gangs to Wilexis, according to reports.

In another event, in San Agustín, Libertador municipality, Caracas, there was also a confrontation but this time between officials of the Bolivarian National Police and criminals.

The scuffle occurred this Thursday afternoon on a street near the National Anti-drug Command of the Bolivarian National Guard. The police commissions present on the site asked for support.

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