Fico and Fajardo voters would mostly support Rodolfo Hernández: Yanhaas

Fico and Fajardo voters would mostly support Rodolfo Hernández: Yanhaas

The most recent survey of the Yanhaas firm made for the media alliance of RCN Radio, La Fm, Noticias RCN, NTN 24 and La República, showed that Gustavo Petro has 42% in voting intention, while Rodolfo Hernández obtains 41%.

In addition, the measurement also showed that Petro has preference among voters in Bogotá, the Caribbean coast and the Colombian Pacific, while the engineer Hernández obtains majority support in the east of the country, in Antioquia and the coffee region.

In context: Yanhaas survey: Gustavo Petro 42% and Rodolfo Hernández 41% in voting intention

Something interesting that the sample showed is that it measured the pulse of the people who voted for Federico Gutiérrez and Sergio Fajardo on May 29in order to determine what your preference is for the second round.

According to Yanhaas, the people who supported Fico Gutiérrez and Fajardo, mostly would be with the engineer Hernández in the voting on June 19.

The measurement indicates that 81% of the citizens who voted for the candidate of the ‘Team for Colombia’ coalition are clear that they will now vote for Hernández in the second round. 4% of those voters say they will do it for Petro and 13% would mark the blank ballot box.

In the case of supporters of Sergio Fajardo, the survey shows that 36% of his voters will be with Rodolfo Hernández, while 15% would go to Gustavo Petro. However, 40% responded that they would opt for the blank vote.

The survey also showed that 43% of voters who supported candidate John Milton Rodríguez will bet on Rodolfo Hernández and that only 6% of those who supported the engineer in the first round could have changed their opinion to go with Gustavo Petro.

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Other questions:

Colombians surveyed also They spoke about what is the issue of the country that worries them the most. 29% said that the economy, 17% corruption, 14% unemployment, 12% citizen insecurity, 12% health, 10% education, 6% the environment and 1% the vaccination process.

55% of citizens responded that the acts of violence that occurred in the framework of the national strike affected their economic situation and that of their family.

Furthermore, when asked ifDo you think that Colombia is at risk of ending up the same as Venezuela, politically, socially and economically? 54% answered yes, while 40% answered no.

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