Few votes are missing for the removal of Quiñónez

After almost four hours of debate, the Chamber of Deputies declared the impeachment request against Sandra Quiñónez, state attorney general, a fourth quarter. With 49 votes for the postponement and 29 against, the session will continue with an extraordinary session today, Monday, at 2:00 p.m.

Of the 11 grounds that make up the accusatory libel, only two could be debated. The request refloated after the declaration of “significantly corrupt” to Horacio Cartes, former president of the Republic by the Government of the United States.

This reveals that they do not have the votes for both rejection and approval of the political trial. It is estimated that only four to five votes are missing for the dismissal, the deputies would be; Enrique Mineur, Édgar Ortiz, María de las Nieve López, Hugo Capurro and Carlos Noguera.


Édgar Acosta, national deputy for the Liberal Party (PLRA), stated that he already wanted to define the trial on Sunday but they did not succeed.

“We must debate fact by fact. We are on the right path. They know that they have no elements to defend it. ‘Nano’ Galaverna maintained that they do not have the arguments and we have the votes”, he commented.

He pointed out that the Llanista sector has 22 hours to reflect. And he assured that they will arrive in terms of votes.

“Only one vote is missing. I don’t want to name names. If we had no chance of winning we were not going to postpone until tomorrow. We think the night will be long. The reflection will be in favor of citizenship”, she commented.

Antonio Buzarquis, a national deputy for the PLRA, pointed out that this will give the “doubtful” legislators a little time.

“We have a team. We are going to convene and work on expanding the libel. Two to three doubtful votes. We are not in a hurry, we are going to vote when we have the numbers. We are not going to play their game to achieve impunity for Sandra Quiñónez for the third time”, she commented.


Hugo Ramírez, deputy for the ANR (official party), pointed out that the process is well under way and the accusatory libel is the result of important technical and legal work that compiles what justifies the request for impeachment.

“We are very close, we hope that citizens can get rid of Sandra Quiñónez,” he concluded.


Kattya González, national deputy for the National Encounter party (PEN), came out to thank the protesters, it is laudable to come to share some time and build collective happiness.

“We simply come to hug them and tell them that we value what they do and ask them to continue accompanying us. Ask them to trust us, we are closing the numbers. There are few undecided that we have to bring them to our side, ”she concluded.

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