Fernando Rivero: Large communication companies bet on the war process in Russia

Fernando Rivero: Large communication companies bet on the war process in Russia

Political analyst Fernando Rivero, during an interview on the Al Aire program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión (VTV), stressed that all the large communication companies bet on a war process that would destabilize or disintegrate the Russian Federation.

“It cannot be ruled out that intelligence services have touched the controls of the Wagner Group, we cannot rule it out, nor assert, but it is obvious that around Ukraine, there are the intelligence services of the great powers of the world,” the analyst stressed. .

He indicated that what took place in Russia “was a military operation, which was intended to impose itself on the Moscow government, but it was avoided by the unity of the Russian people, by the unity of the military commanders and the leadership of President Vladimir Putin”.

“Until now, what can be verified is that Russia’s leadership remained, united around the figure of President Vladimir Putin,” he added.

He also alleged that “when the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit is held in August and a destabilized, dismembered Russia is seen, it would be a catastrophe, not only for this organization, but it would also be the achievement of the hegemonic objectives of the United States, which is why peace in Russia is not only important for that country, but also for those of us who dream of a new world”.

Lastly, he stressed that in light of the destabilization events in Russia, the international community recognizes the strength and leadership of the government of Vladimir Putin in that nation.


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