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Fernando Pereira says that Heber must step aside due to insecurity

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Fernando Pereira says that Heber must step aside due to insecurity

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The president of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereiraagain questions the management of the Minister of the Interior by Luis Alberto Heber and suggests that he should resign his post given the numbers of homicides which the FA monitors with great concern.

At a press conference held after the Plenary of the Broad Front, Pereira shared the concerns that exist among a large part of Uruguayans regarding the government’s actions. “The population feels disappointed because they were promised 50,000 homes that have not yet materialized; they were promised an end to the chaos, but last year it was fought record of dubious deaths and homicidesand this year we continue in the same situation”, he stated.

Regarding security, Pereira emphasized the violent murders and the macabre discoveries of dismembered bodies, and criticized the plan presented by Heber to President Lacalle. “The murders become more and more violent, the bodies appear dismembered or burnedand Minister Heber presented a plan to Lacalle more than a year ago, but as a result, homicides have increased,” he said.

“I think the time has come for the minister steps asidePereira said. In addition, he added: “The Broad Front is not demanding this, but when a failure of such magnitude occurs, ministers often have to assess whether it is not the best time to leave office.”

Regarding the criticisms about security issued to the government and the published data that indicates an improvement with respect to 2019, Pereira stated: “The truth is that those who believe in the numbers presented by Heber are more believers than I, who have faith in God. The population clearly perceives that there are major security problems. Even we, in the government, underestimate this situation and it has cost us dearly, since it is a problem of coexistence”.

Despite the fact that the citizens and the opposition question Heber, Luis Lacalle Pou remains firm in his decision that he go ahead with the reins of national security in his hands. For now, no change is in sight in this portfolio.

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