Fernando Pereira said that "the president looks bad" by Astesian and that "he beat her up"

The president of the Broad Front, Ferdinand Pereirasaid that “the government failed in the appointment of the custody of the head of state”, after the scandal that falls on Alejandro Astesiano, former head of Presidential Security –ceased today. “When you are investigated so many times and processed in at least one, you cannot be the custody of the highest head of state”said.

“Sometimes we do not take note that the President of the Republic is guarded by someone who has at least 20 inquiries”, expressed Pereira this Tuesday. He argued that there should be an investigation “to find out if he was the right person to be in that place.”

“Lacalle shows his face (…) What is objectionable is that until now he was an impeccable official, because an impeccable official does not have so many inquiries He is not looking for criminals on his own account who steal from his children, there is legality and in Uruguay if it does not work. We have to take care of our Republic,” said Pereira, referring to the Astesiano’s pursuit of criminals who stole his son, in July.

“I have a good relationship with Lacalle, he is a person I respect, I start from the basis that he does not take complex actions but here he beat her”.

Pereira considered that the case “is a problem for the Uruguayan people and their image” and expressed concern about “how it can be seen in the world.”

“You have to see what the prosecution says, but clearly there are indications that this person is going to be acted upon and the president is badly off and Uruguay is the one that suffers in terms of institutional guarantees,” he reiterated.

“I know that Lacalle Pou is a serious person, and when a number of facts are placed against him that compromise his own image, he will make decisions, clarify the facts,” Pereira slipped.

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