Fernando Pereira responded to attacks by Umpiérrez, Bianchi, Da Silva, Mieres and a columnist from El País

Fernando Pereira responded to attacks by Umpiérrez, Bianchi, Da Silva, Mieres and a columnist from El País

Fernando Pereira, president of the Broad Front.
Fernando Pereira, president of the Broad Front.

I had never witnessed a set of inexplicable systematic attacks like I received in January 2023. The reason for them were these two sentences:
“There is talk of a record season in tourism. Based on what? It’s nine days in January. Based on what can be certain of a record season” and “The problem is that measuring tourism requires statistics more than states of mind”.

This prompted a series of responses from politicians and editorialists inspired by the passion of the debate. in some cases and in others motivated by the simplest and most common verbal violence. It is unfortunate that the discrepancy, essential for the democratic life of a country like ours, that the diversity of opinions, where the intellectual wealth of the country is nurtured, leads to considerations such as those that I am going to detail. None of this will change my course, which is that of seriousness in the questions and that of the sensitivity in the contributions even when there are those who consider that I put sticks in the wheel or that I want the country to do badly as if the citizenry were a loot of political income with which success is celebrated or the failure.

Mayor Alejo Umpiérrez

“Caranchos: that is the new style of political action developed by the FA. The standard-bearers of dirty work are Pereira, Sánchez and Bergara; while taking care of their candidates. Political misery always allows you to climb one more step. Enchastrá that something will remain ”.

He treats us like shells. There is the true verbal violence, the insult as a response that does not invite an exchange in disagreement but simply seeks disqualification. What is the contribution to the democratic life of the country? Where is the debate on a topic as important as tourism? In the wrong?

Senator Graciela Bianchi

“The objective of the Broad Front at this moment is to destabilize the country. Obviously we have the problem of what happened with Astesiano, I insist again, a parsley custodian of the president. And the other thing that we have, and that I ask the population to reflect on, is that this new Criminal Procedure Code, which not in vain came from the hands of the radical ultra-left itself, allows them to be known and published -by operators who have the from journalists, or apparently they are journalists-, statements from those investigated who have the right to lie, in order to defend themselves. Witness statements, chats that do not know where they come from because they are under investigation… and it is given as a sure thing. No one is going to go unpunished here, and the operations with which these characters live and feed, many of whom are in Parliament, are going to be demystified by reality, and by Justice accordingly”.

The Senator, once again, resorts to her extreme pronouncements and accuses us of destabilizing the country. Well, if this time her virulence were not part of this apparent conservative crusade that I care to highlight, she would ignore it since her extremisms are more in tune with parliamentary folklore than with the need to express an argument.

Senator Sebastian Da Silva

“She gave up the Palestinian scarf for a checkered bag, but we all know that no matter how much the monkey dresses in silk, she stays cute”The senator began with these wardrobe details because yes, because it occurred to him that by frivolously defining clothing, he was defining my thought or, in his words, my being cute. Old conservative resource: stigmatization. It’s just that I never ever had a Palestinian handkerchief and now I don’t have a checkered sack. As if this were not enough, the senator said that the criticism of my person, “They have to do with the lack of a work culture. I would not know how much it would cost to set up a business in the tourist season, start selling ice cream, open a restaurant, open a beach bar, prepare a hotel” And he added that this is why the leader of the left has that “pathological reaction to seeing everything negative”.

I am not going to respond to the issue of work culture because that disqualifying pierotechnics fallen into the void of lies is no longer acceptable, but it did call my attention due to its aggressiveness, and within the framework of what should be an analysis of reality or an exchange of democratic tenor, the superficial psychological diagnosis calling the discrepancy pathology. It is serious, like any authoritarian thought.

Minister Pablo Mieres

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, pointed directly: “Unfortunate Fernando Pereira questioning the tourism figures. Nothing suits him! It seems that he is wishing everything was wrong. However, the tourist reality, as in so many other issues in the country, shows very positive things”.

I can take this as part of different perspectives on reality, however, if it is deepened, beyond defining my position as lamentable, the consideration that it makes regarding how I want the country to go is, to put it mildly , unfortunate. No, Pablo, as he said at the beginning, neither for me nor for the Broad Front, the situation of the citizens is booty for political gain. Anyway, and going to the topic that motivated our differences: even Remo Monzeglio himself says that it will not reach the pre-pandemic seasons.

Rodrigo Caballero, columnist for El País

“Or perhaps we are witnessing the birth of a new form of chic unionism, in the Kirchnerist way, with leaders who reside in mansions at the foot of a hill, with a collection of high-end cars and a private zoo. Go find out.”

It is interesting to observe how the opinions of one and the other always cross in the same direction, but each one releasing their creativity as a laboratory of evil. The vilest occurrences and the compromised conviction of a unique and untouchable truth accumulate seeking to sow political and moral distrust of the opposition. Little merit for a society that has demonstrated throughout its history the necessary complementarity of the different political positions.

Politicians and editorialists, to which are added Delgado, Sangunetti, Fisher, Martín Aguirre and several othersThey rarely responded to my two sentences and what they did, yes, was unleash their verbal fury on me, on the Broad Front and on everything that made them uncomfortable, to the point that they ended up convincing me that everything was ornamental, that they were making a thunderous noise so that the soundtrack of the horror movie that kept playing with Astesiano and Marset as guest performers. Tourism had ceased to be the subject.

I have hard leather like all the front players because we temper them with different fires. So they can keep hitting because we’re going to keep saying what we don’t like, what we don’t like or what we see as wrong. And we will have enough sensitivity and decency to pronounce ourselves on those things that our political force considers positive. Of course, whatever, but always within the framework of respect for people and institutions. And seriously discussing all the issues that arise, but inviting our adversaries to control the circus spirit that does so much damage to big politics. The one that the country needs.

Fernando Pereira

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