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Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*: Media war: we have not understood it


Some doubt that we are in the epicenter of a media war hybrid. They do not see that all the ideological, financial and military weapons of capitalism are deployed. Some do not realize that we speak the colonizing languages ​​that are imposed on us; that we compulsively buy their technologies; that we tell the story with their logical premises; that we finance their media monopolies; that we rule our lives with values Y culture that infiltrate us They think it’s conspiracy. In which war do the victims finance their victimizers?

Despite the achievements of a certain left and progressivism, or precisely because of this, the offensives of the ruling classes (military, financial, ecclesiastical…) advance backwards towards neo-Nazifascism because they are going through a crisis of intellectual emptiness that coagulates in a process of condensation of hate and fear. come that the spirit that travels the world gain followers. ooze lawfaremedia persecutions, fake news, espionage, repression and inflationary beatings. they draw labor reforms and induced disorganization against the working class. Meanwhile, some governments continue to transfer huge sums of money to media monopolies that attack or blackmail them. What did we not understand?

Social sanity is under threat. The monopolistic media arsenal is organized and deployed on all fronts disguised as entertainment, as media churches, as newscasts and as game shows. Newsrooms and editorial boards are infested with services intelligence and espionage. Almost everything is varnished with scoundrels and slander against the organizational will of the peoples in struggle and against their leaders. In a thousand ways they infiltrate the antipolitics and they are recruiting young people, academically anesthetized, with illusions of money or with junk ideology of supremacist or Nazi orientation. Don’t we see it?

Is in the TV, networks or tabloids that deploy attacks designed by symbolic manipulation. To make matters worse, impotence beats us locked in a feast of deafness disguised as dialogue. And it worsens in electoral periods. There are governments of the rich who have the votes of the poor; there is unbridled consumerism of expensive goods. Outstanding profits are generated with the meager wages of the working people. An immense minority starves the vast majority. With a few weapons, masses of workers are repressed. What do we not understand?

Memory is also a semiotic battlefield. They want to reset everything, oblivion is their big business. Their state theory clings to a medieval conception of communication that is dedicated to manufacturing preachers armed with Mussolini’s histrionics. They multiply like mushrooms. This is how the media war turned into a community of oppressive sense financed by the royal power towards the iron dogmatism of the annihilation of the other. Nazifascism that Hitler dreamed of and saw grow up. That is what the operation centers responsible for the symbolic warfare are working on, full of emptiness and banality. The objective is to sow class hatred against everything that is organized in rebellion. Inject fear against any attempt to modify the status quo. At this time the cataract of false consciousness, conveyed by the mass mediaunleashes legaloid ambushes commanded by the judicial packs and their police and military apparatuses, of objective and subjective repression. Lawfare they call that court war.

At the heart of the media war lies the supremacist aberration, reloaded, determined to convince us that they are always right, that we should be grateful that they loot and exploit us. Grateful for this world, on the brink of ecological disaster and drowning in the civilizing failure of capitalism. Grateful for a planet intoxicated with hunger, misery, poverty, unhealthiness, ignorance and humiliation. They want us to appreciate this as the best inheritance for our offspring… to be proud of it. Hybrid war by all means. What part do we not understand?

Paradoxically the media war It has internal fronts. War among ourselves where the task of unity, which is the most important towards a community with an emancipatory sense, gets bogged down in skirmishes of jealousy, sectarianism and bureaucratism do great favors to the hegemonic de facto power because, among other things, we are capable of communicate a humanist output that overcomes a new genre and we save them the work of dividing us because we divide ourselves, and for free (in the best of cases). We urgently need an international commission of peoples, extensive to the one that drafted the MacBride Report, to solve world communication problems. Confront, in an orderly manner, the developing media war. Worse times are coming.

*Director of the Institute of Culture and Communication and the Sean MacBride Center of the National University of Lanús

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