Fernández: the inflation data is "more encouraging" but called to be "committed"

Fernández: the inflation data is "more encouraging" but called to be "committed"

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President Alberto Fernández maintained that every time “public health expands and can reach everyone”, his management complies with what former president Juan Domingo Perón “ordered”, in reference to “providing well-being to those who need it”. .

The president expressed himself in these terms when leading, together with the governor of Formosa, Gildo Insfrán, the inauguration ceremony of the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy President Néstor Kirchner.

tv capture
TV capture.

Fernández affirmed that “federalism is not declared” but “it must be done”, and reiterated that the “true” integration of the country will take place “the day that everyone can grow, study, develop, find work, have their family, enjoy and die happy in the place where he was born”.

The president pointed out that “95% of those who work” in these establishments are citizens of that province.

About Justice

The President maintained that Argentine society needs a country where “the only privileged are not the judges”, but “children, workers and the most needy”.

The president called for this reflection on the occasion of the 40 years of democratic recovery.


Fernandez considered that the inflation rate of 4.9% in November is a fact “a little more encouraging” in the objective of reducing inflation, but warned that it is a “fight that we have to keep fighting and where we all have to be committed.”

With this index, prices at the retail level marked a sharp deceleration compared to the 6.3% registered in October.

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