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Fernández asked to deepen the investigations into the causes involving Macri

Fernández asked to deepen the investigations into the causes involving Macri

Photo: TV capture.

President Alberto Fernández called for further investigation into cases involving former President Mauricio Macri or other authorities of the Cambiemos government.

“I am waiting for a judge to investigate the responsibility of (Mauricio) Macri in the Post Office, in taking over the debt, in the sale of the shares of the Autopista del Sol company and in the smuggling of arms to Bolivia in the midst of a coup. Condition“said the president, and added:” I, who am a man of law, still believe that someone is going to do it.

Positive data for the economy

The president highlighted this Wednesday that the economic data are “very auspicious” and he stated that Argentina “is going to end the year with growth close to 6%.”

Fernández expressed himself in these terms during an interview with the C5N channel.

Photo: Presidency.

He targeted the opposition

The president charged against the political opposition that he wants “lead the President and the country to a dead end” and exemplified with the treatment that Together for Change made of issues such as vaccines against Covid and the rise in the blue dollar in recent years.

“What I have had to live with this opposition, few presidents have lived,” assured Fernández and highlighted an attitude “constant of wanting to lead the President and the country to a dead end. They did everything they could, to wobble the dollar, they played with the blue dollar in a totally irresponsible way. I wonder if they are aware of the enormous damage they do,” she questioned.

Photo: Presidency.

In addition, he expressed that “the decline that we are experiencing is the result of Let’s Change in power and Together for Change in the opposition.”

They built this miserable justice, they made the system of denigration of people permanently, they generated a media system that condemned people before justice is decided and they take care of the system that they have currently created as opposition so that nobody touches them” Fernandez said.

“dignified justice”

Fernández maintained that the objective he pursues is to achieve “a more just and egalitarian country, that has a Justice worthy of a republic, and not that they fill their mouths talking about the republic and these judges are supported.”

The President referred in this way, in an interview with C5N, to the magistrates that make up the Supreme Court and the judicial officials who were involved in the trip to Lago Escondido.

Photo: TV capture.

dollar theme

The president referred to the rise in the parallel dollar in recent days and associated it with “a political game.”

There is a political game that appears every two by three. When Cristina (Kirchner) is sentenced, when she says that she is not going to be a candidate, they make the bonds go up, when they find that December ends with the joy that the national team left us, when a process of inflation moderation has begun. You have to bite your teeth and let go. It seems to me that we are in a slow deceleration of inflation“, marked Fernández in an interview for the television channel C5N.

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