Fernández asked that the Selection be "inspiration to build a more egalitarian country"

Fernández asked that the Selection be "inspiration to build a more egalitarian country"

Alberto Fernández asked that the selection be “inspiration to build a more equal country”


President Alberto Fernández asked that the Argentine team that will play the World Cup final in Qatar “be the inspiration to build a more egalitarian country”, by leading an inauguration ceremony for paving in the Berazategui district, in the southern area of ​​the Buenos Aires suburbs .

“Those wonderful gladiators who were the ones in the national team, who have taught us how to work as well as effort, how to work as a team, how to plan to give us so much joy”, said the President, who asked that “they be our inspiration to build what What I say is the utopia of the present”.

Photo: Presidency.

Fernández led an inauguration ceremony for the resurfacing of 2.4 kilometers on Calle 163, in Hudson, municipality of Berazategui, which was attended by the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis; and the local mayor, Juan José Mussi.

“Our selection, at the beginning, was not treated well, it was quite mistreated by many who comment, who speak badly, who disqualify, and the truth is that they have given us an enormous teaching, the teaching that we should be grateful for for life,” he summarized.

“We all want Argentina to win, for (Lionel) Messi to win because he deserves it, but we are all Argentines, we are Argentines, it’s a feeling, we never stop, nobody stops us,” he added.

The Head of State advised that “when you hear voices that are discouraging, that sow the idea that we are not going to be able to move forward, do not listen to them, united we can move forward, working together we can move forward, working as a team we can move forward, the will move mountains.”

“I’m counting on you, I know we’re going to do it. We Argentines are living a beautiful moment, with all the happiness that the national team has already given us. We must thank each player, the entire coaching staff for what they have already done. They have given us a lot of joy,” Fernández said about the Argentine team in the World Cup in Qatar, in the run-up to the final against their French counterpart that will be played next Sunday.

Photo Presidency
Photo: Presidency.

Fernández also advocated having “a better, more egalitarian country”, which “has difficulties that I know of and that I don’t pretend to be distracted”, and pointed out “to continue fighting against inflation” and so that “the income and pocket of Argentines improve”,

“Let’s have the will to have a better country, a more egalitarian country, a country that has difficulties that I know and that I don’t pretend to be distracted,” said Fernández in his speech and urged “to continue fighting inflation. We have to continue fighting so that the income and bolillo of the Argentines improves, but we are going to make that country and we are going to do it together,” he stressed.

“But also, the joy of improving the lives of Argentines and those who live on this street, which has been paved, which has had lighting. The enormous work of Gabriel Katopodis, my dear Minister of Public Works; an enormous work of my dear mayor Juanjo Mussi”.

For the president, “this, in any case, shows how Argentine men and women should work” because “if there is something we should learn from our team, it is the idea of ​​working as a team, together, and not being divided.”

And he explained that “the utopia of the present is an egalitarian country, with social justice, a country that we do not have to celebrate that after many years this street has pavement and lights, but rather that Argentines live in dignified conditions.”

“Thank you Berazategui, I hug you. Thank you Juanjo and a lot of strength, everyone to work,” he completed.

And again in a soccer tone, he asked those present for Sunday “to fulfill all the cabals so that the boys win.”

Photo Presidency
Photo: Presidency.

The work had an investment of 714 million pesos, within the framework of the Urban Connectivity Axes Program, generated 107 direct jobs and will benefit 5,000 people.

The intervention included the execution of new brushed concrete sidewalks and the improvement of existing paths, ditch cordon, ramps for accessibility for people with reduced mobility, horizontal demarcation, placement of vertical signage and shelters, change of lighting and restoration of poles, and the execution of storm drains.

The work will improve road safety, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, in addition to facilitating access to Rural Elementary School Number 11, while the state of the pavement was very deteriorated, and that of the sidewalks was heterogeneous, being that between Calle 67 and the Arroyo Baldovinos directly there were no paths of this type.

The resurfacing of this road will make it possible to generate greater accessibility for the community and the productive sectors of the area and will expedite the connection with the Dr. Ricardo Balbín Highway and with the RN 2 Highway.

The work, which was in charge of the Ministry of Public Works, began in August and was completed this month.

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