Fenapes investigator identified alleged irregularities of Landoni, Puente and others

Fenapes investigator identified alleged irregularities of Landoni, Puente and others

The commission denounced omissions and “conduct with criminal appearance” by former high school authorities and union leaders.

The members of the parliamentary commission that investigated alleged irregular licenses in the National Federation of Secondary Education Teachers (Fenapes) gave a press conference on Monday to give details about the end of the proceedings.

The nationalist deputy Alfonso Lereté (chairman of the commission) maintained that the work “arises alleged omissions and administrative irregularities and behaviors with a criminal appearance” provided for in the Penal Code. The legislator pointed out that among other crimes there is possible fraud, fraud, failure of officials to proceed to report crimes, abuse of functions, cover-up and forgery.

Among those involved are: Graciela Almeida, Javier Landoni (former Secondary School counselor), Virginia García Montecoral, José Olivera (general secretary of Fenapes), Ana Pescetto, Celsa Puente (former Secondary School director), Marcel Slamovitz (history teacher) and Alejandra Vespa.

Those involved were informed in order for them to articulate their defense and make the defenses they deem appropriate. The commission on irregular licenses voted a resolution by which all the actions of the commission (more than 3,000 pages) are given a view to those people on whom criminal responsibility may fall. The purpose of the hearing is to make the corresponding discharges and then the issue will go to the plenary session of Deputies, to resolve whether there is a criminal complaint.

the other leg

The bench of deputies of the Broad Front (FA) pointed out that the investigative commission fulfilled “functions” that it should not and “has a political purpose.” Deputy Lilián Galán pointed out that there was “a political circus to entertain the population while serious things are happening.”

“A political circus because there is a Secondary Legal department for these issues. It cannot be that today we continue in this investigation, where there is talk of crimes, fraud and other teachers who missed class. Ask the parents of Primary and Secondary students if they do not know these things, because it is the daily life of education. If a teacher is absent, the class is made up later, he presents a certificate or medical certificate as to why he did not attend, ”she added.

Galán affirmed that there is “trade union persecution and persecution of the previous authorities of the Broad Front.”

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