Feminist organizations: “Up to seven femicides every month in the country”

Preliminarily, feminist organizations already report 32 femicides within Nicaragua so far this yeara figure that becomes alarming, moreover, due to the viciousness with which the crimes occur.

Femicide number 32 was registered on the night of Saturday, May 27, in the department of Estelí. The victim was assaulted by her partner with a knife in her shoulder. The woman apparently bled to death.

The preliminary version indicates that the couple drank liquor inside their home, located in the La Unión neighborhood, in that department in the north of the country. The victim was identified as Mariam Jose Acuña Palmawho before her death, was brutally beaten in the face by her partner, Marcelo Alexander Espinoza Romero23 years old.

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According to feminist organizations consulted for this report, Mariam becomes the first woman murdered in the department of Estelí in 2023.

Feminist organizations: "Up to seven femicides every month in the country"
Feminist organizations report 32 femicides in Nicaragua during the first five months of 2023. Photo. referential

Femicide Arrested

The executioner of this new femicide victim was captured minutes later by police officers, who relied on the canine technique to find his whereabouts. At the time of capture, the assailant was still wearing the woman’s blood-stained clothing.

According to some neighbors, Mariam and Marcelo met in a rehabilitation center where they began a relationship that, over time, turned violent.

Mariam, who leaves two children orphaned, would have been deported from the United States in 2021 for alleged alcoholism problems. The children of the unfortunate woman, one and two years old, are on US soil under the protection of her maternal grandmother.

Feminist organizations: "Up to seven femicides every month in the country"
Among the victims of femicide that go this year, there are four girls, say organizations. Photo: Referential

In addition, the Catholic organization for the Right to Decide (CDD) reports that among the victims of femicide there are four minors, two 15-year-olds, one 13-years-old and another 12-years-old.

“If we turn to the statistics, the figures reveal that every month there are between six and seven femicides in Nicaragua due to the sexist violence that does not stop in the country,” said a lawyer and feminist consulted for this report.

“What is happening is sad, not even girls are saved from the gender violence that is ending the lives of our women,” added the feminist.

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